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The Startup Website

The Startup website is a complete, 4 to 5 page presentation of your company structured much like you would prepare a corporate brochure. You will have your own domain name:


...which becomes your Internet identity. The Startup Website Package allows you to project your entity in a professional and effective manner without having to commit a significant amount of time or money, and includes:

  • domain name search, registration and filing,
  • home page and 3 - 4 additional static web pages (as required),
  • corporate logo and 2 - 3 scanned photographs (.jpeg format),
  • external links (text and graphic) as necessary (20 max),
  • 3 - 5 e-mail addresses at '',
  • premium positioning in 5 product or service categories,
  • immediate exposure to '' traffic, and
  • web site submittal to all 7 major search engines.

The Startup Website Package has an initial fee of $395.00 plus a $19.95 per month hosting and management fee. You will also be billed separately for an additional $70.00 which covers the first 2 years domain name registration with the InterNIC.

A typical Startup website includes a home page with logo and brief overview of the products and services you provide, an "About Us" page, a "Contact Us" page and 1 - 2 pages which detail your product and service offerings. Your web site design will be tailored to fit your specific corporate identity... but the foregoing is fairly typical.

Payment is due with order.

Upon receipt, you will be contacted by a representative and asked to provide some information (promo copy) about your company... as well as your logo and a number of photographs of your choice. Although we can work with any photo, the larger the photograph and slower the film (ie. ASA 100 - 200), the better quality image we are able to produce. If you are going to have photography done specifically for your new web site, avoid dark areas as much as possible within the photograph... and have the picture lightened approximately 1/2 "f" stop.

Please allow 1 - 4 weeks for site completion and publishing. If you have not already done so, fill out and submit the appropriate Listing Registration form and then follow up with an e-mail to advising us of your desire to acquire a Startup Website Package. You will be contacted immediately.

Checks are made out to "NetPath Communications" and mailed to:

NetPath Communications
1511 August Ln
Newport Beach, CA 92660

For further information, visit:

or contact:

(714) 641-1224 Voice (West Coast)